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​The Bodied Experience in Your Own Words


Had a wonderful massage here with Paula, who radiated empathy and really knew what she was doing. I came in an anxious mess and left feeling grounded and peaceful.

Beth S

PROFOUND 90, April 2023

Great music, gorgeous studio, I feel amazing after the body work by Cristina!


Thank you!

Jess B

PROFOUND 60, April 2023

Massages with both Joke and Maria were excellent. I felt an immediate beneficial effect on my posture, ibs, physical and mental state. Very professional, welcoming, accommodating and helpful service. Their blended oils smell amazing.

Jennifer C 

PROFOUND 75, April 2023

I can honestly say the two sessions I’ve had with Ivano have done me the world of good and are the best massages I’ve had anywhere. Thank you Ivano! Well worth the money. A lovely little studio as well - very quiet and peaceful, tucked away behind the street. I’ll be back.

Catherine M

PROFOUND 90, April 2023

Excellent service! Very professional and friendly and also advised stretches for WFH issues. I felt like my wellbeing was cared for and I look forward to returning.

Freda O

SPORTIF 45, April 2023

Ivano is a highly skilled master of his craft, he really took the time to understand my body mechanics and get to the root of my issues. Thank you Ivano.

Nicola C

PROFOUND 75, April 2023

Great sports massage. Ivano was very knowledgeable and provided good advice.

Emmanuel A

SPORTIF 60, April 2023

Wonderful, therapeutic and needed!

Tommaso C

PROFOUND 75, April 2023

Stephanie was brilliant - super professional!

Abhishek K

PROFOUND 45, April 2023

Lovely refreshing relaxing experience 😌

Alice W

DRIFT 45, April 2023

Had a lovely massage with Jokè. Opted for the Drift 60 which was very relaxing. Felt at easy. Gem of a place and will definitely be back.

Katy J

DRIFT 60, April 2023

Can't recommend Bodied highly enough

Ben S 

SPORTIF 60, March 2023


Olivier P

PROFOUND 90, March 2023

Ivano was great. Really helpful and knowledgeable.

George H

SPORTIF 60, March 2023

Dreamy! Very comfortable environment and kind service. The best massage I’ve ever had - would highly, highly recommend!

Barnaby S

TANDEM 30, March 2023

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