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​Your Most Common Questions Answered

This massage isn’t going how I expected. Should I say something?

For sure! Where possible your therapist will make reasonable adjustments. Individual styles and techniques you may not be accustomed to are the beauty of massage therapy. Keep an open mind and enjoy the downtime, your mind and body will thank you! 

I’m not in pain. Is it working?

It’s worth noting that massage therapy doesn’t need to hurt to be effective – this is a myth and some of the most effective massages are gentle and don’t involve deep pressure. In fact, too much pressure can be counterproductive.

Should I talk to my therapist?

That is entirely your choice and your therapist will take your lead. If you feel comfortable to converse then go for it, however on the flip side if you prefer to experience the massage with talking, that is absolutely fine too. This is your time. 

​My nose is running. What should I do?

If you’re in good health, lying on your stomach can put pressure on your sinuses, so a runny nose is pretty normal. Don’t let this disrupt your session – let your massage therapist know and they’ll kindly hand you a tissue. Sorted!

During your massage

How often should I get a massage?

Ahh the million-dollar question. It’s best to discuss this in person with your therapist, so they can advise based on a number of factors you might consider. We’d usually recommend getting a massage every 4 - 6 weeks as part of a regular personal self-care routine. Weekly/fortnightly sessions are recommended for those experiencing an on-going issue/complaint.

Are there any side effects to massage therapy?

Any side effects you experience won’t be long term, however if an issue persists after 48 hours, don’t hesitate to contact us for further guidance. Some of the effects you may experience, particularly in the case of a deep tissue or sports massage, may include muscle fatigue, soreness or a little bruising. It’s important to follow any aftercare advice offered by your therapist.

I'm a little nervous, is it safe?

You’re allowed to feel a little nervous, especially if you’ve not had any massage therapy or bodywork in a while, or if you’re new to Bodied. As qualified and fully insured massage therapists operating in the UK, we take every precaution to ensure your health, safety and wellbeing is paramount. Techniques performed vary from person to person, but ultimately your comfort and wellbeing will always be first. With sessions such as the SPORTIF, here may be a little discomfort that may be at the tail-end of your tolerance however, we will only ever work with our thresholds and so it’s important you communicate with your Therapists if things aren’t feeling right! 

Should I tip my massage therapist?

At Bodied we pay our therapists generously, however if you’re able to comfortably tip for stellar performance, then please do. We’re not pushy about it, but we certainly appreciate the consideration. Tips are accepted at the checkout at the end of your treatment. Do not give your therapist cash, as this goes against our company policies and we can assure you that all tips are paid directly to each therapist monthly.

General Questions

I'm overseas can I purchase a Bodied gift card?

Of course you can! Simply ensure you include the recipient's name and delivery address here in the UK, we'll take care of the rest! Alternatively our eVouchers are a terrific digital option and valid for a period of six months also. 

What is the difference between a Gift Card and eVoucher?

The Bodied gift cards are set massage lengths of 45, 60, 75, 90 minutes, whereas the eVouchers are digital cash the recipients can use as much or as little at a time to redeem against an appointment.

I’ve been gifted a Bodied voucher. How do I redeem it?

Aren’t you lucky! If you've been gifted a physical gift card, simply book your desired appointment online, you must include your gift card reference number in the 'appointment notes' section. Alternatively, email us with your full name, your card reference phone number and future availability.

If you've been gifted an eVoucher, go ahead and lock in an appointment through our online booking system, and we'll apply your voucher code at the checkout once your appointment ends, just make a note of the reference number in the appointment notes section when booking online. 

How long is my Bodied gift card good for?

All our bodywork gift cards and eVouchers are valid for 6 months. You’ll see a date printed on there, which will indicate exactly when it is due to expire.

My gift card or eVoucher has expired, can I still use it?

Gift cards or eVouchers more than three months past their expiry date cannot be reactivated. There is administration fee of no less than £15.00 to reactivate gift cards or eVouchers less than three months past their original expiry date. Where possible, please avoid allowing your gift to lapse, help us help you

(in good time)!

I'm short on time, can I pick up a Gift Card from the studios?

We only offer click and collect around the festive seasons, when delivery times may be affected. If you're short on time, consider opting for an eVoucher will be emailed to the recipient immediately. 

How do I send an eVoucher?

Start by visiting our eVoucher page selecting the eVoucher value you're most interested in. Add the quantity and click Continue and follow the 'Email as a Gift' instructions.​

Bodied Gift Cards & eVouchers

Do you offer a couples massage?

Yes our TANDEM appointments are paired bookings, ranging from 30 - 90 minutes in length. All appointments take place in separate studio rooms, but you'll both jointly experience the benefits of restorative bodywork. This unfortunately cannot be used for our pre/post natal clients, please contact us directly if you wish to book this service and are currently pregnant.

I need to cancel/reschedule my appointment, what should I do?

These things happen. Our policy for cancellations/reschedules is as follows:


  • Cancelling or rescheduling with more than 48 hours notice will not incur a fee

  • Cancelling/rescheduling with less than 48 hours notice will incur a 50% fee 

  • Only with proof of sickness and other extenuating circumstances will we refund the booking in full or allow for rescheduling.

Please read our full Terms and Conditions for more on cancelling and rescheduling appointments.

Can I use my health insurance to cover my treatment?

We'd strongly advise checking with your provider before booking with us if you plan on using your insurance/health benefits. If your policy covers massage therapy and bodywork, contact us directly to book in, and we’ll allocate you a therapist whose qualifications fit best with an insurance claim, and will provide you a detailed invoice if required. Retrospective requests for detailed invoices/receipts will not be honoured.

Please note you cannot use Bodied rewards and discounts with insurance and health plan claims. These are reserved for clients who bear the full financial cost of treatments.

I am unable to attend, can I transfer the appointment to a friend?

Absolutely. If there is less than 48 hours until your appointment, please contact us if you'd like to transfer the appointment to a family member or friend without penalty. ​​

Can I get a 'happy-ending' or body-to-body massage?

No. All treatments here are of a non-sexual nature. Any attempts to solicit our therapists will result in appointments being immediately terminated and lewd behaviour reported to the local safer neighbourhoods team. 

What happens if I don't show up for my appointment?

Sadly, no shows or total failure to communicate any sudden change will incur a 100% charge on the booking.

I've spotted Bodied on the map and I'd like to drop by.

Awesome! We'd be pleased to see you, however, please note we operate an 'appointment only' policy. Please email or call first if you want to pop in outside of a pre-existing scheduled appointment.

Which payment methods do you accept? 

For the safety of our therapists and the general public, this studio is completely cashless and we only accept payment using all major debit and credit card providers. Please note, at present we do not take any payment over the phone. Where possible, we encourage all payments details to be provided in advance online.

Can I block book my appointments?

Oh so you like us like us :)

For individuals like yourself, we have a few options available. Please check out our Membership Packages for further details.

Can I choose a specific therapist for my appointment?

Of course you can! It doesn't matter the reason, we'd be happy to accommodate where possible. Via the booking page on Fresha, scroll down to the section entitled 'Book with Staff' and select your preferred therapist.

I'm pregnant, can I book a massage?

Firstly, congratulations! Yes, we can likely accommodate you! If you’re pre or post-natal, please book our Origins massage only. If you’re in the first trimester (initial 12 weeks) we wouldn’t recommend a massage, until you have reached the second trimester.

If you may be pregnant or are unsure and book the wrong type of appointment, the appointment will be cancelled and you will be charged a late cancellation fee. Please ensure you are certain of your pregnancy status prior to booking an appointment. 

Can I book over the phone?

Absolutely! You can reserve an appointment over the phone. You will still be required to confirm the appointment online and you'll receive an automated message that will instruct you how to go about this. Sadly, appointments that are not confirmed 24 hours after phone reservation, will be removed from our diaries to protect our therapists from no-shows.


Appointments booked within 24 hours of the appointment time itself, must also be confirmed online immediately, if not we will remove the reservation from our diaries at the end of our working day. 


How do I prepare for my appointment? 

The below will help your appointment run as smoothly as possible:


  • Complete the Bodied Health Consultation Form 

  • Bring a hairband (if you have long hair)

  • Consider leaving any precious jewellery at home

  • Have relatively clean skin to assist in oil/wax application. Lint and oil isn't fun.

  • Bodied is a sis-safe zone, so consider being comfortable to remove your wig

  • Try your best to bring good vibes, remember this is your time to unwind!

I've got a cold. Can I still come in?

The safest answer is no. We try our best to limit the spread of all winter viruses including Covid-19. If you’re under the weather, it’s advisable to reschedule at the very earliest signs of illness. Please refer to our rescheduling and cancellation policy in our Terms and Conditions


We reserve the right to refuse clients we suspect may be unwell or under the influence. Should you have further questions please contact us via email. 

Should I disclose my medical condition?

No matter how big or small you may think your medical condition/injury may be, please disclose it! We strongly advise speaking with your GP first to ascertain whether massage therapy is a safe option for you to currently pursue. Conditions may not always be physical and we hope you'd feel safe enough to disclose the non-physical conditions too. This will ensure we're getting the best out of your appointment and reasonable adjustments (where applicable) can be made.

Do I keep my underwear on?

Once again…do you! We work very hard to continually respect and maintain your decency. It is perfectly fine to have your pants on or off. Preferably, we ask for bras to be removed for full access to the neck, back and shoulders. If you’d like to keep yours on, just say. At Bodied, no judgement is ever passed.

What should I wear?

Comfortable, loose fitting clothes always. We'd also advise those of you who opt for boxers, to wear the kind that are not skin tight. You're paying good money for your appointment, it'll be a shame to short-change your hamstrings.

I'm on my period, shall I still attend?

100%! If you feel like you'd require anything additional to make your appointment as comfortable as possible, we encourage you to speak with your Therapist. We can assure you, we won't be shocked.

When should I arrive for my appointment?

Honestly, arrive no more than five minutes before your scheduled appointment, otherwise you could be stood in the cold. We have no waiting/reception's just you and your therapist, for extra cosiness.

How do I access Gossamer Gardens?

On arrival, if you find that the main gates to Gossamer City Project are closed, please buzz Bodied dialling unit 20 via the intercom to the left side of the gates. 

Please note that management usually keep the gates closed in the evenings and all day on Sundays.

Is there parking at Gossamer Gardens?

There are a limited number of cashless, pre-bookable Pay & Display bays along Emma Street E2, and other surrounding roads from Monday to Saturday, 08.30am - 5.30pm. There are also a few bike racks available at Gossamer Gardens – we strongly advise you bring a secure bike lock with you. Bikes can’t be stored within the studio during your appointment, please do not ask.

Preparing for your Bodied Massage

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