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The Bodied Relaxation Massage

Had a lovely massage with Jokè. Opted for the Drift 60 which was very relaxing. Felt at easy. Gem of a place and will definitely be back.

Katy - March 2023

  • Stay well hydrated, wear loose fitting clothing and leave your jewellery at home. Bring a hairband for those of you with long hair. Ensure you've detailed all your current health concerns in the health consultation form and please consider if there are part of your body you prefer not to be addressed i.e head, feet etc. 

  • Following this enjoyable, relaxing massage, you may feel a little lethargic, therefore it's important to stay well hydrated. We'd advise you refrain from operating heavy machinery for a few hours after your appointment and get an adequate amount of sleep.

Bodied: DRIFT

45 mins - 90 mins

What is Relaxation Massage, or Drift? 

Also known as therapeutic or holistic massage, at Bodied we use this style of therapy for its immense physical benefits, but also as a means of gently supporting parasympathetic stimulation. This relaxing massage should help soothe and ease both your mind and body, aiding better sleep, improved mood, lowering blood pressure and encouraging a regulated release of cortisol (the stress hormone), supporting the constant dialogue between the brain and our internal organs.

What's Involved?

A slower pace, with longer and rhythmic strokes that gently lull you toward deeper states of relaxation. Your therapist will utilise techniques such as effleurage, petrissage, vibrations and passive stretching to mobilise all your connective tissue and joints, making this also an incredibly powerful tool for reducing general tension. Contact us today to experience one of the best relaxing massages in London.

Is it for me?

Drift is a great option for those new to massage therapy and who want to slowly incorporate bodywork into their lifestyle. It can be an underrated style of bodywork to those who are veteran in receiving massage and encourage those of you who are well versed in massage to opt for Drift once in a while.

For this relaxing massage in our East London studio, expect a light to medium pressure, ideal if you have fewer physical complaints, but would still like to benefit from manual therapy. If you are currently pregnant please refer to our Origins - pregnancy massage page for further details of what may be suitable for you. If you are currently trying for a baby, you must be 100% certain that at the time of making your booking you are not pregnant. 


How much pressure will you use?

During a holistic massage, your therapist will use a light to medium pressure. You should feel as though your muscles are gently being 'munched' and connective tissue confidently mobilised. 

Can I return to normal activities straight after?

Absolutely. Following a relaxing massage at our London studio, clients often want to get right back to action. It is good remember, however, that the general idea behind the DRIFT is to relax. Provided you stay well hydrated and listen to your body, you should be fine to resume normal activities.

Can you avoid my feet?

Of course! In fact if there are any areas at all you prefer your therapist to omit from your appointment, feel free to mention this and they'll do their best to comply with your wishes. 

I'm ticklish. Should I let my therapist know?

We're pretty good at dealing with clients who are a little ticklish in places. By all means if you think it'll affect your session, please let your therapist know, they will adjust their approach and ensure they proceed with a little more awareness. 

I'm experiencing anxiety/depression, should I mention this?

We appreciate that people may be struggling with difficult feelings from time to time, this can present itself during a massage as tension, flinching, fidgeting and so on. It's important to broach the topic with your therapist. Bodied is completely judgement free and we'll do our best to make your feel safe and calm.

I'm worried I might start snoring!

Again, here at Bodied we judge no-one. We take snoring as a compliment, you've felt comfortable enough to let go. Massage is a great tool in lowering stress hormones such as cortisol, so it will come as no surprise if you nod off, that's why we've entitled this one the Drift.

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