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The Bodied Sports and Remedial Massage

What is sports massage, or Sportif?

A sports (or remedial massage) is a manual intervention for alleviating pain and tension which may have built up due to acute or chronic injury or poor healing which may restrict your mobility and create weakness or overcompensation in other muscle groups. Contrary to its name, a sports massage is not exclusively for those who are generally more active, it is also a great tool for those who more sedentary and experiencing aches and pains as result of periods of immobility – from desk-working to long term physical disabilities.


When incorporated into a robust training or rehabilitation programme, a massage for sports or recovery, can be a useful tool in reducing the risk of reoccurring injury and improving performance and wellbeing.

What's Involved?

A range of techniques to break down adhesions (knots) using medium to firm pressure on affected areas. Strokes encourage blood circulation, heat, friction and oxygen to the affected area, increasing mobility, eliminating toxins and decreasing pain. As a result of a sports massage, some people may experience residual soreness and in some cases bruising in the days following your treatment. It is important you follow the advice of your therapist and should symptoms persist with no sign of improvement seek the advice of your GP.

Is it for me?

Expect a medium to firm pressure during Sportif. There may be moments of discomfort which should never surpass a threshold you are uncomfortable with. It is important that you participate in the massage through active movement and verbal communication with your massage therapist.


At times it can take a few sessions before results are seen, it’s important to be realistic in your expectations of what can be achieved, particularly if you’re not consistently work through your rehabilitation programme away from the studio. Ultimately, we only hope to see you better manage your pain if it’s not possible to completely eradicate it. If you are currently pregnant please refer to our Origins pregnancy massage page for further details of what may be suitable for you. If you are currently trying for a baby, you must be 100% certain that at the time of making your booking you are not pregnant. 

Ivano is great; a friendly and experienced massage therapist. My body feels so much better. Thank you.

Shoo Kee C - March 2023


How much pressure will be used?

Similarly, to that of our deep tissue massage, you can expect a medium to firm pressure with our sports massage. Any levels of discomfort you may experience should be within a threshold you're comfortable with. Do not grit your teeth and 'firm it' as this can cause muscles to tense up even further rendering them inaccessible. If it's 'too much' communicate to your therapist that you've reach your limit.

Can I return to my normal activities?

You can, however it's important to consider particularly if you are an athlete (professional or amateur), or a sports enthusiast that your immediate performance may not be as good as you're used to. Please ensure you follow the aftercare advice of your sports massage therapist to reduce any downtime and aid your recovery.

How often should I get a sports massage?

In collaboration with your sports massage therapist, you will jointly agree a treatment plan dependent on your existing rehabilitation programme, your levels of pain/discomfort and your current lifestyle and commitments. This individualised care package will indicate how often you need to return to our studio for sports massage.

Do you use oil during the massage?

Generally speaking, no. We tend to use wax during massage for sports and remedial therapy. However, if you're sensitive/allergic to essentials oils or beeswax, please include this information on your health consultation form. If you prefer a vegan alternative was used, again please inform your therapist at the start of your appointment. 

How will I feel after my sports massage?

Hopefully, you should feel your mobility is improved and less restricted, however it's likely you may feel a little sore in places and a little bit lethargic.

Can I claim a sports massage on my health policy?

We have an increasing number of clients using policies from providers such as MediCash. We always advise you contact them prior to booking with us. Visit our Insured page to learn more about bodywork via policies as they apply to a massage for sports.

  • Stay well hydrated, wear loose fitting clothing, running shorts are a great idea particular for work around the hamstrings and glutes. Ensure you've detailed all your concerns in the health consultation form so you and your therapist can devise an adequate treatment plan. 

  • You may experience some residual soreness, which can be perfectly normal, therefore it is important you continue to stay well hydrated, get optimal sleep and use interventions such as ice or heat compression to aid your recovery. Anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs) can also be used if they are suitable for you.


45 mins - 75 mins
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