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The Bodied Pregnancy Massage

I had a 45 min origins massage and could have stayed there for hours. I asked to focus on lower back and hips and Paula really listened and spent time on those areas. Feel so relaxed and looser after my massage. Will definitely be booking again. Thank you so much!

Sophie W - February 2023

  • Prior to your pregnancy massage, post-natal massage, or postpartum massage, it's important for you to eat well and hydrate up to an hour before your appointment. If you're in the later stages of your journey, it might be a good idea to let friends and family know where you are. Like all other massages at Bodied, it's best to wear loose clothing and leave all jewellery at home. 

  • We'd advise the following after your massage:
    Gently increase the amount of water you consume over the following 48 hours massage as it will help in flushing the lymphatic system and keeping you hydrated.

    Consider a reduction in caffeine intake​

    Take time to rest and relax, this will help your blood pressure return to its normal resting rate

    Make time to rest and relax - this allows the blood pressure to return to normal if it has dropped during treatment  

    Return to regular non-strenuous exercise 


45 mins - 90 mins

What is pregnancy massage, or Origins?

Pregnancy massage (prenatal massage) like any other massage therapy is a potent tool we use during the second and third trimesters and up to three months postnatal. We use pregnancy massage as a means of combating the psychological factors such as anxiety, stress, depression, as well as a means of addressing some of the physiological affects associated with pregnancy, such as lower and upper back pain, or pelvic girdle/hip pain. If you are searching for top pregnancy massage in London, Bodied is here to help.

What's Involved?

Origins, our pregnancy massage is not dissimilar to that of our Profound and Drift massages, however here are some notable differences you should be aware of.

  • We generally utilise the majority of our massage techniques however, the use of targeted and deep manual therapy will not happen due to the risk of thrombosis (particularly if undiagnosed).

  • We will make greater use of side-lying positions, as this will be a far more comfortable position to be in naturally

  • Since some essential oils are linked to inducing early contractions, during the appointment we utilise an unscented/nut free carrier oil

Is it for me?

Presently, the therapeutic potential of pregnancy and post-natal massage is often underestimated. Pregnancy massage could very well be a complementary option for you if you're experiencing the negative physical or psychological effects of pregnancy, or both. It is important to note that only light to medium pressure will be used throughout the pregnancy massage at our London studio and is only available to those who have passed their first trimester. 

The experience is to be considered, ethereal and deeply fulfilling. We're honoured to be a part of your journey.

Tommy's is a pregnancy charity, with an excellent online catalogue of resources. They also offer free midwife telephone consultations for Black and Black-mixed heritage women, so no one should go unseen/unheard whilst pregnant in the UK.

5 Ways to Survive Stress in Pregnancy

Black and Black-mixed midwife consultation


I'd like to book this for a friend/loved one, but I am unsure which trimester they're in.

If you're unsure how far along in their journey your loved one is, then we'd advise purchasing a eVoucher instead which they can use at their own convenience.

I'm pregnant, can I still get a sports or deep tissue massage?

No. You're advised against getting any other type of massage other than a pregnancy massage, which is administered by someone who has trained in this speciality. 

Is it safe for my baby?

The massage itself works to reduce physical and psychosocial stress which affect your baby's development. The appointment will be administered by a highly trained therapist, who will ensure you and your baby are safe during the session.

Should I let my midwife know?

We always encouraging you to talk with your midwife or birthing team prior to booking a massage with us or with anyone. It's good practice to keep them informed of any complementary health therapy you may be exploring.

I recently had a baby should I still book a pregnancy massage?

Yes. A post-natal massage can still be administered up 3 months post delivery, after which point you can safely resume receiving any kind of massage. 

When isn't massage during pregnancy advisable?

This will depend very much on your current and overall health. It is very important that you complete the health consultation form at the earliest convenience and it is again, even important to check with your midwife and confirm massage is safe to proceed with.

Are pregnancy massages at your London studio?

Yes! We have found prenatal massage in London and post-natal massage in London to be in high demand as education and word spreads about the positive benefits of this treatment. We are proud to offer expert pregnancy massage in East London, our nearest and dearest community.

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