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The Bodied Dual Massage

Both our therapists were brilliant. I had a hybrid relaxation and sport massage and it was perfect, the massage was catered to my needs throughout. Would highly recommend.

Natalie G - March 2023

  • Prior to attending your couples massage, stay well hydrated, wear loose fitting clothing, and leave your jewellery at home. Bring a hairband for those of you with long hair. Ensure you've detailed all your current health concerns in the health consultation form and please consider if there are part of your body you prefer not to be addressed i.e head, feet etc. 

  • Massage for two in London is a great way to spend some downtime in the capital, but it may leave you feeling a little lethargic. It's important to stay well hydrated. We'd advise you refrain from operating heavy machinery for a few hours after your appointment and get an adequate amount of sleep.

Bodied: TANDEM

30 mins - 90 mins

What is the Tandem?

The Tandem couples massage at Bodied consists of two therapists working simultaneously on two clients, whether they are friends, family or couples. The couples massage can consist of our holistic or deep tissue massage treatment. We do not currently permit our sports or pregnancy massages to take place within the parameters of a Tandem booking.

The Tandem massage for two is a fluid appointment, taking place in separate rooms, incorporating the modalities of our Profound and/or Drift treatments. 

The benefits of our Tandem couples massage:

  • It places both clients in a similar sensory state, with the hopes that you both leave feeling rested and rejuvenated.

  • Like with all our treatments, your overall physical mobility should improve with our duo massage therapy

  • A lowered stress response and decreased pain

What's Involved?

When arriving for your couples massage at our East London studio, you'll be greeted by your two therapists for the appointment. If you have no set preference for therapists, they will agree with your consent who will be assigned. In two separate rooms, our therapists will work using a broad range of techniques across our holistic and deep tissue massage. Each client is welcomed to select whichever treatment they like, if they have not specified when booking, simply agree this with your therapist when you arrive.

Is it for me?

Couples massage at our London Studio will address bodily tension and helps with constrictions gained from poor sleeping habits; a stiff neck, lower back soreness or inter-shoulder blade muscle weakening. This is the preeminent massage for two in London. If you are currently trying for a baby, you must be 100% certain that at the time of making your booking you are not pregnant. 


How much pressure will you use?

Couples massage therapy involves an individualised approach, so each person will receive care that works for them. Pressure is very much governed by what you feel most comfortable with. Do not be afraid to let your Therapist know you require more (or less) pressure. This is your time. 

Can I return to normal activities straight after?

Of course you can! You may feeling a little tired so it's important to stay well hydrated throughout the remainder of the day.

Will we be treated in the same room?

No. At present our Tandem couple massages takes place in two separate rooms with two individual therapists. 

Can I use a my eVoucher to pay for this service? 

Yes, if you received an eVoucher after April 2023, you may use this to redeem your Tandem appointments partially or in full. eVouchers issued prior to April 2023 are not eligible for redemption against Tandem. 

Can we book different length treatments? 

Unfortunately, not. Tandem is designed for those who wish to be seen at the same time for the same amount of time. If you wish to have different appointment lengths, simply book two independent appointments and not the Tandem.

Can we select which therapists we wish to have?

Tandem appointments are assigned to the two therapists who are concurrently working at the time as your selected appointment. If the therapists assigned are not your ideal choice, simply find another appointment with your preferred therapists prior to checking out with your couples massage in London. 

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