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The Bodied Deep Tissue Massage

Highly recommend! It was amazing, extremely thorough, perfect pressure and touch. I felt so relaxed and circulated after it was done. Will definitely be returning the next time I'm in London. I got 'bodied' at Bodied!

Ariel - March 2023

  • Prior to attending your deep tissue massage, it is important you stay well hydrated. Wear loose fitting clothing and leave your jewellery/valuables at home. Bring a hairband for those of you with long hair. Ensure you've detailed all your current health concerns in the health consultation form and please consider if there are part of your body you prefer not to be addressed i.e head, feet etc. 

  • You may feel a little lethargic after your appointment, therefore it's important to stay well hydrated. We'd advise you refrain from operating heavy machinery for a few hours after your appointment and get an adequate amount of sleep.


45 mins - 90 mins

What is deep tissue massage, or Profound?

Acute or chronic trauma may have caused injury or tenseness resulting in aching shoulders, tight hips and sore lower backs. Deep tissue massage therapy breaks down rogue collagen formation (scar tissue), encouraging these damaged layers of connective tissue and muscles to heal.

What's Involved?

Deep muscle tissue massage involves a range of techniques to break down adhesions (knots) using medium to firm pressure on affected areas. Strokes encourage blood circulation, heat, friction and oxygen to the affected area, increasing mobility, eliminating toxins and decreasing pain. As a result of deep tissue massage, some people may experience residual soreness and in some cases bruising in the days following your treatment. It is important you follow the advice of your therapist and should symptoms persist with no sign of improvement seek the advice of your GP.

Is it for me?

Unlike our relaxing massage - Drift, Profound addresses bodily tension outside the parameters and focus of our sports massage - Sportif. It helps with constrictions gained from poor sleeping habits; a stiff neck, lower back soreness or inter-shoulder blade muscle weakening. If you are currently pregnant please refer to our Origins - pregnancy massage page for further details of what may be suitable for you. If you are currently trying for a baby, you must be 100% certain that at the time of making your booking you are not pregnant.


Expect a medium to firm pressure during Profound, while enjoying a wholly nourishing and stimulating experience. 


How much pressure will you use?

Deep tissue massage generally tends to use a medium to firm pressure, however this is very much governed by what you feel most comfortable with. Some people refer to it as 'good pain' we refer to it as the 'bliss point'. Do not be afraid to let your Therapist know you require more (or less) pressure. 



Can I return to normal activities straight after?

Of course you can! Remember to stay well hydrated throughout the remainder of the day, as you may feel a little more lethargic than usual. It's important that you chime into how you feel and respond accordingly.



What should I wear to my deep tissue massage?

Anything that's comfortable and easy to slip in and out of. For those of you wearing boxers, provided they aren't too tight to the skin, as your therapist may need to access your glutes and hamstrings during the appointment. If you’d prefer to wear a pair of loose fitting shorts, this is also perfectly acceptable.



Do you use oils during deep muscle massage therapy?

Yes! During a deep tissue massage at Bodied we generally tend to use oils as the preferred medium. However, if you have a particular allergy, say for instance nuts or essential oils, it is vital that you disclose this information on your health consultation form and to your therapist. 



How often should I get a deep tissue massage?

There are several factors that will impact your decision on whether to book a massage and when. We usually advise every 4 – 6 weeks, or every other month, if you're hoping to build a consistent self-care routine. You'd never leave the house without brushing your teeth (we hope!), your body should receive similar respect.



I'm pregnant, can I get a deep tissue massage?

Congratulations! For those of you who are expecting to give birth, please refer to our pregnancy massage - Origins. This is a dedicated treatment of you who are currently pregnant or up to three months postnatal. 



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