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Find Slowness with the right gifts this Christmas

Martin Lewis has rightly said that Christmas has become a retail festival, with the season causing people unhappiness, debt and worry.

But done right, this festive season needn’t be any of the above. With wise choices, this Xmas should remain a time for togetherness, happiness, and where possible, giving to loved ones.

So what can we realistically do when buying gifts that don’t blow the bank or cause undue stress?

Well, we can ban others from giving unnecessarily to us, and only give gifts that are meaningful…not tat! Secret Santa ‘joke presents’…we’re looking at you.

When purchasing this year, it’s important to ask ourselves ‘have I become disconnected? Am I 'de-prioritising' my own finances by giving other people gifts that aren’t totally beneficial?’

We’ve curated a list of items from independent wellbeing businesses, in the pursuit of our mantra, Find Slowness. They all help take the edge off this crisis with kindness that’s both physical and emotional.

Discover Heritage with homework's Online Bundle

Support a small independent business, and help a loved one embark on a journey of healing with Traditional Chinese Medicine. Formed over centuries of philosophy, family and love, founder Stephanie Hannington-Yuen has truly done her homework and made it easy for anyone to incorporate the healing powers of TCM into your life.

Find soaks, soaps and wonderful smells that bring home heritage in Homework’s online bundles. Between £25 - £85, there really is something for everyone.

homework's Walled Garden Gift Set

Beat that Seasonal Sadness

Hey! You’re not Lana Del Rey. And neither are your friends. So help someone you know fight off the touch of seasonal affective disorder with a SAD lamp. A (somewhat) magical light, they mimic natural light, and are an underrated, yet amazingly effective way of combating the depression that comes during fewer hours of sunlight. So if you know someone suffering from a disrupted sleep pattern, why not brighten their morning with a SAD lamp.

Less screen time…more me time

Get loved ones back to basics with journals, notebooks and accessories from Rama Publishing. When journaling has the potential to reduce stress, lower blood pressure and improve mood, why wouldn’t we give this a mention?

A small, independent business with beautiful original designs, never scramble for a pen again with this beautifully crafted Pen Holder – no other comes close! Beat back that wicked late night scrolling by gifting a Rama haul instead.

Rama Publishing Épistolaire Gift Box

A personalised plant nursery for wellbeing

Houseplants aren’t just for East Londoners traipsing through Broadway Market on a Sunday, post Columbia Road flower market shopping spree. They’re also a great way of introducing young ones to a bit of responsibility.

The benefits of owning indoor plants can bring about faster illness recovery, a boost in productivity, and an improved quality of indoor air.

So venture south of the river (Forest Hill specifically) and hit up Mmea (pronounced Mi-ah), an independent, black-owned nursery, headed up by Aisie Koroma.

Mmea has gift cards available, as well as workshops, and soon to come, online shopping.

Mmea's floral Festive Christmas table with plants in the background

Give skincare consistency with expert advice

Ooh boy, are we excited about this one! A West Room Aesthetics gift card is perfect for those who want serious professional expertise and consistency for their skincare. Headed up by Dija Ayodele, who’s not just hilarious on Insta, but at the top of her game with digestible advice and tips for all skin types.

(If someone gifted me a West Room Aesthetics gift voucher, I’d keel over with joy. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.)

West Room Aesthetic Gift Cards

Find Slowness at Bodied

Know an East London resident? Sheeeet even if you don’t, the Bodied gift voucher is an excellent way to welcome in the New Year, with the firm understanding that ‘yep, this isn’t going to be easy, but we’ve got this!’ Available as physical gift vouchers for 45, 60 or 90 minute massages (or online for values between £60.00 - £95.00) a loved one will definitely appreciate you for this! All valid for 6 months.

Don’t leave it too late, particularly with the physical vouchers. (Royal Mail…say no more!)

Last Delivery & Collection details:

Mail delivery Tuesday 20th December 2022

Christmas Click and Collect ends - Saturday 24th December 2022 - 12.00pm

Bodied Gift Card and Post Card in Rust Colour


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