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The Bodied 2023 Wellbeing Guide to East London

Wellbeing. From the type of tea you drink to your morning routine, this idealised state-of

being is a word we see everywhere.

You might be surprised that (in our humble opinion) wellbeing isn’t just about ‘pampering’ yourself. To us, self-care lies further than 90 minutes of massage therapy (though it helps!)

Wellbeing can be deeper than known pleasures that make you feel good. It’s about taking yourself out of your comfort zone. Flushing yourself with a dose of those good natural highs, serotonin and dopamine, and allowing yourself to naturally lift through different activities.

Luckily, in East London it’s easy to find amazing places to feel good – in both those known and unknown ways.

And as wellbeing practitioners local to the neighbourhood ourselves, we’ve pulled together some of the best places to find different ways to feel good within our beloved area.

They’re a mixed bag in terms of spend, and the financial squeeze is tight right now. We get that some of these options might be pricier than your budget allows.

It’s why we’ve marked everything that’s either free, or a lower price, with a (*). Because feeling good should never come at a financial premium.

The List

Waking Dreams Yoga (Broadway Market)

Formerly known as Stretch, Walking Dreams Yoga have recently changed hands. Still in their beloved Broadway Market E8 location, watch this space for exciting new moves for local yogis.

ACU E8 (Shacklewell Lane)

Alternative and complementary therapies - A collective of Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Reiki practitioners in Dalston, who operate with compassion and empathy for those exploring the benefits of alternative and traditional therapies.

Yonder (Walthamstow) x CLMBXR *

Follow the canal up north and you’ll reach Yonder - an inspiring and inclusive climbing and yoga space near Blackhorse Road. Clmbxr is one of their communities, aimed at encouraging black and underrepresented communities onto, and enjoying, the wall.

Swim Dem Crew (London Fields Lido) *

It might be a little nippy for some to enjoy the pleasures of the open water, but what if the pool is Olympic size and heated? Try Swim Dem Crew, a club who do amazing work introducing new swimmers and improvers to the joy of London’s pools – including E8’s lush London Fields Lido.

Float Hub Shoreditch (Old Street)

The benefits of floating are thought to range from stress relief to improved sleep and better recovery. Let Float Hub help you block out the noise with an hour of floating in total peace. Why wouldn’t you?

Tempo Pilates (Hackney Central)

Reformer pilates might be all the rage, and Tempo is a stalwart who’ll stand the test of time. So strap in, get flexing and watch muscles you never knew you had appear in a matter of a few sessions.

The Great Outdoors *

Getting out into nature even on a cloudy day is so important. It can improve your mood, instantaneously relieve stress and even help with pain relief. So get out, and (safely) expose your eyes and skin to whatever sunlight you can get your body on.

We like:

Training at simulated altitude does not come cheap but if you’re looking for a super-stimulating, extra energising experience, The Altitude Centre is the place to do it. With benefits as broad as stimulating serotonin to lowering blood pressure, book in and give one of their classes a go.

Relax LDN (Tower Hamlets/Hackney)

Our neighbours at Gossamer Gardens offer up some of the best facials in London – trust us. A great way to release facial muscle tension, from express treatments to a fuller 90 minutes of relaxation, Relax also offer waxing and do-it-yourself LED light treatment. Perfect treats for the grey days to come.

An East London wellbeing list wouldn’t be quite complete without mentioning ourselves, just a stone’s throw away from Containerville on Emma Street E2.

Bodied’s goal is to open up the benefits of massage and bodywork to folks from all walks of life, keeping costs down by offering a loyalty programme which also supports local food banks.

Not up for the full experience, but want to bring some of the benefits of massage to your own home? We’d recommend self-massage, with our very own Bodied cork ball!


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