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Bodied: In Session, More than just Bodywork

November 29, we host 'Bodied: In Session' our first ever community event to celebrate the opening of the festive season, but also to mark an incredible 2.5 years of all things Bodied. We've always tried to maintained that Bodied is more than just a 'massage studio', it's a means of bringing together people with shared lifestyle, interests and purpose. What a night it was!


The Vibe

All neatly cocooned in Akasa (Hackney Wick), with floral design provided by Lucy Sollitt Design and foliage cared for and provided by Conservatory Archives we gathered for an evening of sensory discovery, connection and merriment, with ambient chilled amapiano mixes to fuel the rhythm and tempo throughout the course of the evening.


The Palette

dined in the finest manner with special thanks to Chef SiA and her amazing team, who cooked up a storm serving a contemporary fusion of West African dishes, from Jollof Orzo to asparagus suya tarts and topped off with plantain toffee cake with amarula cream.

With additional provisions from the likes of Clean Co and Jukes who provided the party with non-alcoholic delightful beverages to keep the gang on the right side of hanging mid-week.

Bodied In Session 2023 event, West African inspired Jollof Orzo

Bodied In Session 2023 event being poured a non-alcoholic gin and tonic

Bodied In Session 2023 event attendee holding a can of non-alcoholic sparkling red wine


Looking Back

As a fast growing London massage studio and brand closing yet another extraordinary year, we can't help but feel immense gratitude, humility and privilege in serving our local community. The world is in dire straits and took a moment to reflect on how lucky we are to be able to gift, receive and 'find slowness'.

The Bodied team of therapists who make it all possible with countless hours spent in studio administering deep tissue massage or sports massage and everything in between, finally got an opportunity to jump into a massage chair and receive some well deserved bodywork ahead of all our attendees.

Bodied In Session 2023 event attendee receiving a chair massage

Bodied In Session 2023 event attendees


To the Future

At Bodied we hope to continually bring our community together in new ways to explore 'finding slowness'. From our signature massages that been named as some of the best in London, to further community activations in 2024. A huge thanks to all the brands that supported our clients with small yet wonderful tokens to boost their sense of wellbeing. From the likes of Indi Supplements, West Lab Salts and our all time fav Soapsmith (for that additional sprinkle of black girl magic).

Bodied In Session 2023 event attendees in conversation

Bodied In Session 2023 event attendee carrying a gift bag

Bodied In Session 2023 event attendee, samples Soapsmith product  on the back of their hand

To enquire about collaborating on future events please email hello(at), we'd love to hear from you!


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